August 9, 2013

Los Angeles still a top market for manufacturing jobs

Los Angeles ranked third as a manufacturing employment hub, according to a new survey by the job site This is in spite of heavy job losses in the manufacturing sector with more than 6000 jobs lost in June compared to a gain of about 1,100. Only Houston and New York were reported to have more manufacturing jobs in their metropolitan areas.

It wasn’t all good news though, as reported in the Los Angeles Business Journal, about 47 percent of manufacturing workers were dissatisfied with their jobs, and 34 percent were on the hunt for a new job – and 74 percent of respondents said it was a more challenging employment environment than a year ago.

Still, many believe that manufacturing is making a comeback and Los Angeles is likely to remain a hub for this activity. “With conditions in the US economy turning more favorable for manufacturing in general, there are several indicators that manufacturing jobs are returning to the US” said Jeffrey Quinn, a spokesperson Monster’s Global Insights.

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