December 1, 2012

California marks 100 years of rice growing

California recently celebrated its 100th year of rice growing according to an AP report and the California Rice Commission. Farmers began experimenting with growing rice during the Gold Rush more than 160 years ago after being introduced in California by Chinese gold miners, who later built the state’s railroads and river levees. It wasn’t until 1912, however, that the first commercial production started in Butte County, in the Sacramento Valley about 70 miles north of the state capital. Since then, California has become the nation’s largest producer of short- and medium-grain sticky rice, with much of the product shipped to Japan and other Asian countries through the Port of West Sacramento. Most sushi in the U.S. is made with California rice, the report which can be read in full at this link: The website for the California Rice Commission is at and contains a wealth of information about the State’s rice industry, along with guest blogs from California rice farmers.

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