March 9, 2007

Napatech gets 7.5 Million VC Funding

Napatech announced the investment of USD 7.5 million from existing investors Ferd Venture and Northzone Ventures. Napatech develops, produces and markets programmable and intelligent Ethernet adapters. Both investors are located in Nordic countries- Ferd Ventures is based in Oslo, Norway and and Northzone is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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February 23, 2007

Inogen get $22 million from Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk

“Inogen, Inc., a Santa Barbara-based designer and manufacturer of devices that help people suffering from respiratory illnesses, announced on February 16 that it had secured $22 million from the venture capital arm of the Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk to apply toward research and development of new devices. According to Inogen, the money will help popularize the Inogen One, a portable, 10-pound respiratory aid the company says could replace the bulkier models currently used by those who have difficulty breathing.”

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