June 19, 2007

UC Report Document Atrocites of Ugandan Rebels

The University of California at Berkeley released a report Saturday documenting rising violence in the twenty-year-long conflict between Ugandan government forces and a rebel group. according to a report by CBS Broadcasting. The UC Berkeley report, conducted in conjunction with Tulane University, could be used in the International Criminal Courts indictment of rebel leader Joseph Kony and four other commanders of the Lord Resistance Army (LRA), according to UC Berkeley officials. The report echoes an indictment alleging that Kony and the LRA have abducted as many as 38,000 children and 37,000 adults into its army over the past eleven years. The report claims that the LRA forced civilians to commit horrible crimes, including the mutilation and killing of fellow villagers and even family members. “One of our most alarming findings is that young women between ages 19 and 30 were held the longest in rebel captivity, averaging about four and a half years,” said report coauthor Phuong Pham. “Many, if not most, of these women were forced to serve as ‘wives’ and domestic servants to top rebel commanders.” The report, compiled by faculty and researchers from UC Berkeley’s Human Rights Center and Tulane’s Payson Center for International Development, collected data from Ugandan rehabilitation centers.

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February 9, 2007

California film makers tackle Uganda

“Eva LaRue, star of CSI:Miami, has signed on to host an important humanitarian documentary entitled UGANDA, Peril to Pearl. This feature-length documentary, financed by HHB Inc. and produced by The Film Factory, LLC (both California Companies with offices in Riverside), will explore the difficulties that this landlocked African nation has in attempting to finance its growing needs and revive its people and culture.. Eva LaRue will travel to Uganda, New York, Washington D.C., Georgia, and London, seeking insight from politicians, getting historical perspectives from universities, finding common ground from humanitarian organizations, and garnering understanding from all parties. As her efforts progress, follow John Parks and Bill Seiber of HHB Inc. in their attempt to broker a failsafe and transparent compliance program that will invigorate investment, free international financial aid, and create business opportunities for this suffering nation, while protecting investors and donors.”

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