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May 1, 2007

California snowpack supply seen lowest in 20 years

“California water officials said on Monday they expect the water level in the Sierra Nevada mountains snowpack this year will be the lowest in almost 20 years, crimping supplies for hydropower and other water uses and raising concern about 2008. The California Department of Water Resources will conduct its fifth and final snowpack survey of the winter season on Tuesday, but new figures point to about 29 percent of normal water content, down from 34 percent at the beginning of April. ‘The figures will be quite low, probably the lowest since 1988,’ said Don Strickland, a spokesman for DWR. That figure was 30 percent. ‘We are suggesting to water agencies that they consider what to do if 2008 is a dry year,’ Jeanine Jones, DWR’s interstate resources manager, said in a conference call with reporters. California depends on the snowpack to generate almost one-fifth of its electricity supplies, help irrigate the biggest agricultural economy in the United States, fill reservoirs, and support recreation on the state’s rivers.”

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March 20, 2007

Mexicali group challenges plans for All-American Canal

“Mexico and the United States are in the middle of an international dispute over the 82-mile (132 kilometer) All-American Canal as a group of citizens in Mexicali, Mexico, is fighting to stop a 23-mile (37 kilometer) stretch of it from being lined with concrete. The Imperial Irrigation District (IID), the entity that provides water and energy to the Imperial Valley in California, have decided to line the All-American Canal as part of a water conservation project that would increase San Diego County’s water supply but decrease the supply to Mexicali farmers… he fight against the lining of the All-American was started by the business community of Mexicali, a border city in Baja California, Mexico. Entrepreneurs, lawyers and people involved with economic development started the litigation against the United States without any monetary or legislative support from the Mexican federal government.”

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February 27, 2007

Mexico Border Sewage plant clogged by politics

“When it rains along the border, millions of gallons of sewage and industrial waste from Mexican slums and factories flow down the Tijuana River into the United States and end up in the Pacific Ocean _ a mess that closed the beach here to swimmers and surfers a total of 198 days last year. The U.S. government once thought it had the solution: pay a developer an estimated $700 million to build and operate a treatment plant in Tijuana, Mexico. Under the agreement, if the plant could sell clean water to Mexican factories, U.S. taxpayers would get some of their money back by taking a share of the proceeds. But seven years later, ground has yet to be broken. And the agreement between the U.S. and Bajagua LLC is looking more fragile than ever amid growing criticism that the no-bid contract would fatten the developer’s pockets and fail to contain the sewage. This month, the Bush administration proposed a treatment plant on U.S. soil _ which would effectively kill the Mexico venture.”

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February 3, 2007

California has 37 levees at risk of failing

“California leads the rest of the nation on a list of 122 levees that are at risk of failing, according to a list released Thursday by the Army Corps of Engineers.”

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January 31, 2007

Desalination Plant to be built in Carlsbad

“Connecticut-based Poseidon Resources Corp. has selected its team to design, engineer, build and start up its $270 million seawater desalination plant in Carlsbad… The Carlsbad plant will have the capacity to produce 50 million gallons of drinking water per day. Poseidon reports the plant is on schedule to be built and operating as early as 2009.”

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