May 8, 2007

Republicans diss Schwarzenegger on Foreign-born President issue

Exchange at the Republican party debate with Governor Schwarzenegger looking on. All except Giuliani indicated that they would not change the constitution to allow for a Foreign born President. McCain tried to weasel his way out of the question with a lame joke:

Moderator: One of our prized guests here today, Governor Schwarzenegger — looking this man in the eye, answer this question — I’m going to go down the line, starting with Governor Romney. Should we change our Constitution, which we believe is divinely inspired to allow men like Mel Martinez, the chairman of your party, born in Cuba, great patriot, the senator from Florida, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, to stand here some night?

Romney: Never given that a lot of thought, but with Arnold sitting there, I’ll give it some thought, but probably not.

Mike Huckabee: After I’ve served eight years as president, I’d be happy to change the Constitution for Governor Schwarzenegger.

Duncan Hunter: We haven’t seen his endorsement yet, that’s a no.

John McCain: Depends on whether he endorses me or not.

Giuliani: When he called me up to endorse him, he got me on the phone, he said, “Will you endorse me?”, and I was too afraid to say no. I would say yes.

Tom Tancredo: Intimidating as he might be, I’m saying no.

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