February 11, 2008

Asians & Latinos key to Hillary’s California victory

That’s according to Scott Kurashige of the Huffington Post, who noted that this may be the first time in American history where, “a candidate failed to win African Americans and whites but won overall-as Clinton did in California”. He noted, however, that “if Clinton’s multicultural strategy is unprecedented, Obama’s effort to transcend “minority” politics is historic. Casting Obama as a “colorblind” politician, the pundits and his left skeptics have largely missed the significance of what he represents. Getting “beyond race” today is not about ignoring the problem of racism or moderating ones politics to appease whites. Instead, it means thinking about America as a multiracial nation that dispels old notions of both white normativity and majority/minority identities.” The article is worth a read: The Future is Now: California’s Multiracial Challenge to America“.

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