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September 25, 2012

California Plans to Reopen International Trade Offices

Governor Brown signed legislation in September that will open some international trade offices for the State. The legislation authorizes the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development — also called GO-Biz — to work with nonprofit organizations to operate these offices, using state funds or private donations, according to a report in the San Francisco Daily Times. GO-Biz will partner with the Bay Area Council and hope raise a million dollars by the end of the year for this purpose. It is probably that a trade office in Mexico will be the next priority of this program.

At one time, California had twelve offices in various parts of the world but these were shut down in 2003 for numerous reasons: questions about their effectiveness, mismanagment and political corruption, questions, a scandle involving fabricated “success stories”, and the budget crises of the time.

Govern Brown had previously announced his intention to reopen ab outpost in Shanghai to promote trade and commerce with California. “The office will encourage direct investment and further strengthen existing ties between the world’s second and ninth-largest economies,” Brown said in statement before meeting Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping in Los Angeles in February.

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