A new business association is being formed for companies and professionals in California with international business interests.   This association is intended to take advantage of California's extraordinary diversity, range of international talent, and extensive connections with the rest of the world.  The California International Business Association has been registered with the State of California as a non profit organization and is being established as a non-profit NGO (non governmental organization).   We are currently looking for volunteers to help organize this initiative.


Bi-monthly teleconferences are now being conducted with our professional members and select guests. These meetings are scheduled for every other Tuesday at 11:00 AM to discuss international opportunities and development.     Contact the System Operator for more information. 

In a State as big and diverse as California, one of the difficulties we have in using our strengths for mutual benefit, is that we simply don't know each other.  The State is balkanized with competing trade associations, isolated communities, and ineffective government programs.  Still, if we could find an effective way to work together we would be virtually unstoppable.  Through extensive discussions with international professionals in this State, we have determined that California needs an association with the following attributes.

  • Highly inclusive

  • Small business oriented

  • Facilitates collaboration

  • Low cost or no cost

  • Opportunity driven

  • Protecting of our interests

To develop an organization with these attributes, we have come up with a unique organizational strategy that combines people, technologies and opportunities into a highly collaborative environment.  The technology we are using is the communication and collaboration portal that has been developed for the California Trade Network.  This system gives us complete and unrestricted access to a growing community of people in California involved in all aspects of international business.   To have a completely non-exclusionary system, membership fees for this organization are completely voluntary with an "honorary member" option for those who can't afford membership fees at the moment.  All members will have complete and unrestricted access to the other members but we would like to provide some enhanced services for our contributing members.

         Sponsoring Members and Organizations

While our technology is up and running, we are just getting started on our organizational development.  The links below go to the profiles of some of the people who have helped us, and you can contact them directly if you wish.  This is a perfect time to get involved to help us build this new kind of organization.

Altfeld, Inc Jim Altfeld Burbank
Second Opinion Charlene Apel Gardena
Bay Area World Trade Center

Jose Duenas

San Francisco
Nath and Associates Robert P Cogan San Diego
Denner Group International Eric Denniston San Diego
Steel Frame Kits Max Freeland Bonsall
Global Economic & Workforce Development

William Prouty

Sun City
Kemarra Inc Keith Rayner San Francisco
Economic Information Services Scott Sambucci San Francisco
Granite International Jim Stewart Huntington Beach
Somerville & Associates LLC Iain Somerville Los Angeles
East-West Development Group Steven Youschak Costa Mesa
Water Business International Bruce Wilkinson Escondido


Registration & Membership Fees

Registration fees in CIBA are optional and based on ability to pay.  Members who cannot afford to pay are afforded honorary status for an indefinite period.  Companies and professionals who can afford to pay are requested to support this emerging community by donating by clicking on the link below.  We are grateful to our supporting members and do our best to return the favor.  Please contact the System Operator if you have any questions about this organization or how you can help.







Honorary Membership

California Only

FREE for California Professionals

  • International Business Profile

  • Online Forum Access

  • Unrestricted Communications

  • Basic Trade Opportunities

$100 per year Professional Membership

California Only

All basic services plus:

  • Premium Trade Opportunities

  • Teleconference Meetings

 $250 per year

Small Business Membership

(1 to 5 employees)


All basic services plus:

  • Premium Trade Opportunities

  • Public Directory Listing

  • Teleconference Meetings

$500 per year

Corporate Memberships

(more than five employees)

All of above plus:

  • Premium Directory Listing

  • Premium Trade Opportunities

  • Public Directory Listing

  • Teleconference Meetings

  • Banner & Display Advertising

  • Multiple Accounts

$250 Lifetime Professional Membership


Full Professional Membership

Please visit for information on Foreign and out-of-State Accounts, directory listings, advertising and other services.